thanks anyway

I was going to write a letter to my grandparents today, telling them about my new boots that they paid for and just thanking them in general. I had big plans to mention that I was thinking about them while I watched all the veterans on tv and thought of how old they are now compared to how young they were then. I was going to say thanks for giving up things like sugar and butter and not even really complaining about it because I probably would have complained a lot.

But I didn't write a letter. Somehow it just seems silly to write that down on paper, put a stamp on it, and send it to B.C. Like I might just be trying to score brownie points. But I wouldn't be. I'm just thankful for them and the strength of their characters.


pamero said...

Here, here!

Anonymous said...

They are neat people. I had quite a conversation with your Grandma a few years ago and found her to be interesting and funny.

Linda said...

Somethings going on. Anonymous is ME and I keep coming up anonymous.