the *real* post

So... we're off to an Xavier Rudd concert tonight. We even bought my parents tickets to it because we thought they'd get a kick out of him (By the way, by "we" I mean Pam and I). I'm REALLY looking forward to it. It's been the exciting-thing-I'm-looking-forward-to-in-my-otherwise-dull-and-boring-life for quite some time now. I'm curious as to who will open for him because last time it was Jeremy Fisher and now I love him and, let's face it, if he asked me to move to B.C. to be with him, I would. Forget all you losers (especially and emphatically Kim) I'm gone.

...You're not really losers (except Kim) I just really like Jeremy Fisher. I'm also looking forward to the concert because XR puts on such a good show that everyone there gets really into it and it's a blast. I don't even feel stupid jumping around and singing at the top of my lungs because that's why people go to XR concerts and it's a great release. So. I'll let you know how it goes. Unless Jeremy Fisher is there and he asks me to move to B.C. to be with him. In that case, I'll send you all a Christmas card from beautiful british columbia.


Heather said...

Your dad phoned to see if I'd want the extra ticket, and I was so sick I had to say no. I'm SO disappointed! It would have been so much fun.