Today I was just thinking about how much money I spent on going to school this semester and last semester. Enough that I could have taken a really nice trip somewhere or visited some friends somewhere far away. Not that I regret going to school, I just really like travelling. So, here's a list to cheer me up.

Why travelling is better than going to school.
1. There are no papers or assignments due, just postcards to send.
2. When I'm done a trip I have lots of photos and memories and maybe some cool clothes or souvenirs, when I'm done school all I get is a lousy piece of paper.
3. There are no boring lectures to sit through or students reading poetry badly.
4. If I read a book it's because I want to read it.
5. I can wear the same clothes for five weeks and no one cares.
6. I get to meet cool and interesting people.
7. I get to try out new foods and find new things that I like.
8. My passport gets a new stamp when I travel, when I go to school it just gathers dust.
9. I like my travel backpack better than my school backpack.
10.I don't get graded on travelling. (But if I did, I'd get an least an A-)


ccap said...

Yeah, I'm thinking A-. For the most part you'd get an A+ but then there's the whole swan incident... He, he. Or the luggage in the airport...

cornelia said...

I know! And I'm sure I've paid too much for certain things over the course of my travels as well... But those darn swans... without them I'd be secure in my solid A.

pamero said...

Oh, no! I think you handled the swans very well. Protecting yourself and them. I would definately give you a solid A on travelling. As for #6 on your list. Harsh! ha ha.

cornelia said...

How was I protecting the swans? By not letting them feast on human flesh?

kimberlalee said...

but aren't annoying, stupid college students who read poetry badly the least bit interesting? I mean look at me! I know you think I'm interesting...