The Lord's Prayer According to Corrie

Father to all, who longs to be our Dad, you are huge and majestic enough to have a home in heaven and yet are small and humble enough to be present in all things. I would never dream of calling up the Queen, or asking to see the Prime Minister, and you are so much greater than anyone on earth that sometimes your power scares me. And yet we approach you and call out to you because you say we can. Thank you. Live in us and around us and through us. Work in us so closely that we will be doing your work, speaking your words, touching people with your touch. And maybe, just maybe, we here on earth will get a small glimpse of what it could be like to be fully in your presence. Give us your presence to keep us alive, help us to understand what your priorities are. Help us not to want what is convenient or easy but to hunger for you and to sometimes feel the discomfort of that hunger. Take care of us; we ask you to provide what we need and give thanks for all we have received. Including your grace. Especially your grace. Thank you that you forgive us whenever we ask for it and help it to be a reminder to us to show that grace to others. Help us to let go of our selfishness and recognize how we impact those around us. We know that tests and trials will come and really want and hope to show you our obedience, but help us not to give into temptation while we are being tested. Help us to stay close to you even when we feel far. When we’re in danger, when Satan has his eye on us, scoop us right out of his path; shine your light into the darkness and keep us safe. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And much love.


ccap said...

Thank you for that.

pamero said...

Hey, I really love the way you make words sound, the way you can put things into a different, more meaningful light...just the way you impact the lives around you...especially mine....thanks for being just perfectly you.

Heather said...


Thanks for the "you that is you" :-)