a wink and a little nudge

I love mondays. Mondays are my day off. Every week, without fail, my day off greets me with a wink and a little nudge. Sometimes I sleep in, sometimes I don't. And I try never to schedule anything for monday. I sleep until I've had enough, then get up and have some breakfast. Or not. Some mondays I skip breakfast and go right to lunch. Or right to chocolate ice cream with mini-marshmallows. I clean up a bit if I have things to clean up, I couldn't relax in my apartment for the whole day if it weren't tidy. Too distracting if I'm thinking about what a slob I am. And mondays are all about relaxing. A nice little monday tradition is watching the classic matinees CBC plays every monday afternoon. And what an education in the classics I have received. I might decide to send a few emails, but don't feel guilty if I decide not to send any. I never use the phone unless it's to call one of my sisters or my mom, and I cringe if it rings on a monday. A movie might not be out of the question once the evening hits, but I am just as happy to pop one in myself or just watch some tv. If I'm in a romantic mood I'll pour myself a glass of red wine and sip it as I read for hours and hours, ideally in bed. The perfect end to a day of luxury; no music, no distrations, just me and my book and monday.